Unclogging the Extruder

Do you have a clogged extruder? Here are a few methods you can use to unclog your extruder. They are organized from best to worse case scenario.

Method 1

For the average clogged Smart Extruder, this method should work. Be cautious because you are dealing with some pretty hot temperatures with this method.

Method 2

Method 3

Use a declogger rod to scrap the inside edges of the extruder from top to bottom, pushing the plastic through the nozzle. BE CAUTIOUS! Don’t get the declogger stuck. The declogger rod pictured is made of aluminum and will melt in the nozzle if stuck thus making a bigger problem than a plastic clog. In order to avoid this, keep the declogger moving when fixing the extruder.

Method 4

Taking apart the Smart Extruder should be a last resort. However, if you’ve tried everything else watch the video below to learn about how to take the Smart Extruder apart.