TCAPS Silver Lake Elementary

2015-2016 School Year

Independent Designs

5th Grade Independent Project
5th Grade Independent Project
4th Grade Independent Designs

Terrain Tiles


Students at Silver Lake Elementary designed these terrain tiles in their 5th grade classroom.

2014-2015 School Year

Practical Use and First Designs

Silver Lake
A mix of Jeff Culver’s and Mrs. Benson’s student and open source designs.

At Silver Lake Elementary, Jeff Culver a third grade teacher introduced 3D printing to his students via what the 3D printer was capable in printing like the T-rex skull, elephant, and Batman lego man. He then let his students design  on their own with the goal of creating a three dimensional object that can be printed successfully. Now that the fuse of creativity has been lit, Culver is printing student projects as quickly as possible. When finished, each student will write about their design and will create a museum display of the their work.

Museum Tour and Printer Donation

Grace and Kierstyn show off the NASA wrench.

20150213_134918_4_bestshotJeff Culver, 3rd Grade Teacher out at Silver Lake Elementary had his class create prints and then they hosted a museum exhibit at their school. Students presented their prints, explained the process of 3D printing and what it could be used for to the participants of the event.

Mike Groleau asked the students what they liked the most about the printer. A few of the students answered with:

“You can make anything you want.”

“Designing your own designs.”

As a surprise to Jeff Culver and his class, RJG, Inc. donated a printer to Silver Lake Elementary at the end of the tour because they were so impressed with the students’ prints, the museum, and their enthusiasm.