Safety First

Safety CarolWhenever kids and technology are put together safety precautions must be considered. The MakerBot Replicator 2X and some of the additional tools may require adult supervision. This is especially true for Elementary and Middle School Students.

Students should keep out of the printer until the printer is finished printing and build plate has fully cooled. Students should be wearing safety goggles and leather gloves when removing prints from the printer. PLA is very brittle. Students could get plastic splinters.

safetyThe printer has a HOT build plate when working with ABS plastic. The heat can be adjusted but it will be between 100° and 115° C. So keep fingers, hands, arms, faces, etc. away from the build plate when heated.

The extruder is also HOT, approximately 230° C. Though this temperature is adjustable, it needs to be heated to melt the plastic filament.

Due to the heating of the plastic, an odor is released. Please keep the printer in a well ventilated area.

Food Safety

As your imagination expands into the possibilities to make food items, keep in mind that there is a big debate over what is safe. What you are using a print for changes how food safe it really is, the materials you are using make a difference, and there are food safe options available. Here is an article discussing the issues with food safety and how you can address them.