TCAPS West Senior High School

2015-2016 School Year

Race Car

Here are two more car designs out of John Morris’ class:

West Senior High School Design
West Senior High School Design

Check out this student design in John Morris’ class:

Race Car


Athena Delta Printer

Philip Leete, teacher over at West Senior High, went to one of the 3D printer build your own workshops in August. This is a powerful printer that can print upside down.

WSH Athena Upside Down Print

2014-2015 School Year

Crank Music Boxes

IMG_4853Students were instructed to make a package for the Crank Music Box with holes for mounting screws, a hole for the crank to fit in, and had a hinged lit that solidly fit. The cranks can be found on Amazon.

“A key element to 3-D printing is being able to make things fit together and fit on to existing parts,” said Philip Leete, a teacher at West High School. “This project led to countless measurement and re-measurements and the realization that 0.5 mm. does make a difference.”

Do you have questions about this project?

Contact: Philip Leete, 231-409-0184



FIRST Robotics Competition

West Mounts
Light and Wifi Radio Mounts

On March 13, 2015 Traverse City West Senior High School robotics teams the Titans had their 3D printer set up at the FIRST Robotics Competition at Traverse City Central High School. They had 3D printed mounts for GoPros, lights, wifi. They printed off a VEX design for their wench.

VEX wench adaptor
VEX wench adaptor

AJ, a West HS student, also designed and printed a slide cover that helped the robot function in the Recycle Rush challenge.

WEST HS slide cover
Slide Cover

During the competition the Titans showcased their robot and 3D printer to visiting Eastern Elementary students.

West FRC
West High School Students present their robot to Eastern Elem. Students