Teachers, Students, and Community Partners!

SCI-MA-TECH student from TC Central High School works with TC Eastern Elementary student on Tinkercad software.


Welcome to our website for the 3D Printing Professional Learning Community. We are a community dedicated to the teaching of S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) via 3D Printing. The site is designed to help teachers who are teaching with printers in their classroom and students who are working with the printers.

Are you thinking about getting a 3D Printer or planning on using it in TCAPS Spark? You should know that there is a learning curve when working with 3D printers. It’s a powerful tool and opens a wide range of educational opportunities but it does require some tinkering around.

Are you curious about how teachers are using the printers in the classroom? Are you curious about how our community partners are involved in the PLC and schools? Check out our Schools’ Prints.

If you’re a first time teacher with a printer in their classroom and need to know where to begin, start with our Getting Started tab. The pages are organized to make the beginning process easier for you.

Do you have stories about your experiences with 3D printing in the classroom and want to share? Do you have a problem with your printer, a problem getting the right software to work, need a resource to be developed that explains a process for students to us as a reference (i.e. Printing from SketchUp), and/or have a solution that would benefit this community? Contact us through our Help Me! page.

SCI-MA-TECH student problem solves with Eastern Elementary student.
SCI-MA-TECH student problem solves with Eastern Elementary student.